Poems by Vandita Dharni

Poems by Vandita Dharni
A Widow’s Anguish
Cast away lies this woman
Ostracised by her village
That point fingers at her.
Blighted by her present
Uncertain _ her future.
They hurled invectives at her,
Calling her a murderess.
She lay there biting the dust,
Her dreams shattered.
The glow of her face melted
In the scorching sun.
Her eyes wore a jaundiced look.
Lips quivering in anguish
As she heard their voices_ now muffled.
Her heart yearned to be
By her husband’s side,
She had cherished each moment
Of togetherness.
Inimitable in her loyalty,
Twenty years of married life;
Was this the price?
Cast away lay the widow
Shorn off her womanly pride.
Her hair shaved off,
Her vanity now a decayed ruin
As they spat on her,
Deprived her of the last vestige of dignity.
Cast away now was she,
Her head bent double in the dust,
Her heart heaving in denial;
Her voice treacherous_ abandoning her.
She finally surrendered, it seemed.
Her heart grew still
As her tears stopped flowing.
Copyright@ Vandita Dharni. All Rights Reserved 2018.
Reflection of My Soul
As I taste the brine seasoned tears
welling out from my bleary eyes,
I am reminded of the lucid water
flowing swiftly,
a river_ meandering its way
through grassy glazed meadows,
envied by static parched trees,
rustling their dry fingers to greet it.
I awaken to a stillness,
blanketed by tufts of ominous clouds
beckoning me to seek refuge.
A storm stirs up in tumultous ocean,
the turbulent waves rising, hurling and heaving
like the raging storm in my heart
that rakes up my dormant fears.
Devastation ….more devastation.
The storm abates after two days of reckless rain.
There is a lull.
Its fury diminishes_
but the damage is done.
Thousands it smote,
now lying in their watery tombs.
The murky waters rest in the bosom
of the putrid earth. Too late!
Peace transcends, sanity returns.
The gentle waves twirling friskily in the breeze.
My languishing soul
admires the limpid glory.
The anguish is soothed
by the rapturous rising and falling
that echoes a new dawn,
its purity_ a reflection of my soul.
Copyright@ Vandita Dharni. All Rights Reserved 2018.
True Laughter
When hearts are clouded with despair
laughter can uplift like rain,
soothing every wrinkle from the brows of time.
In solitude, hearts yearn
for a quiet chuckle or giggle
that can dispel solitude instantly.
As children, we laugh convulsively,
throwing reason to the winds,
pumping the adrenaline to a frenzy
that tingle goosebumps
to release endorphins.
However, what annoys me are
smirks and sniggers that shatter hearts.
A cackle or guffaw can deafen ears
yet evokes enthusiastic peals of laughter.
Such must laughter be_ true laughter.
Copyright@ Vandita Dharni. All Rights Reserved 2018.

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