THE CHICK THAT NEVER LEFT THE NEST / A collaborative poem jointly composed by Nutan Sarawagi and K.Radhakrishnan

Nutan Sarawagi


( A collaborative poem jointly composed by Nutan Sarawagi and K.Radhakrishnan)

EMPTY NEST or GROWN AND FLOWN syndrome is a term we use to describe the pain and loneliness the parents feel when their children leave home to pursue their careers. This phase comes to all parents as joint family is replaced by nuclear family due to necessities of modern times. Though all parents want their children to be independent, the experience of parting with them can be very painful. Thanks to technology, this pain is somewhat reduced as the parents can keep in touch with their children through phone calls, whatsapp, emails, Facebook and other social networks.
This poem is about a girl who stayed with her ailing mother sacrificing her life and career to take care of her mother,



The chick had grown in to a bird and flown away,
To build her own nest some day,
The mother is lonely and in dismay,
She felt tears in her eyes as thoughts drift away.

With her nest, her heart has also gone empty,
Reminiscing those days when joys were in plenty,
But she has to face this hard and harsh reality,
All the birds will someday break free.

Thinking of years of solitude stretching ahead,
The prospect of lonesome life made her quiver and dread,
Sure, she wanted the chick to rise and soar the sky,
When it took to the sky, melancholy grips, Oh, but why?

Breezes of spring has come and gone,
In wintery years, the empty nest still yearns for return,
But the chick looks ahead of unscaled heights,
Sad tales of lashes, stings of life’s spites.



One day she knew 
she would grow away 
to soar another world 
far away 
But that day 
was still yet to come 
unfurl her wings 
Fly away

tied within her 
Safe she lay
in her umbilical chord 
curled away 
I don’t want to think
of that day 
huddled in her love 
turned away

Day and night 
this thought troubled her 
Her soul to bare 
her heartbeat
no more in her

She cried 
mother don’t leave me
Let me be
live with you
in me 
For without you 
I cannot face this world 
alone in it to be 
Your love for me is so strong 
nothing can break ..take me away from thee 
in you I see my love 
no other can take its place in me

Saying this she fell asleep 
in dreams 
to take her in the ocean waves 
far in a world in which her mother lived 
To soar beyond the seven seas 
Her angel in whom she flew free 
No one to trap her
in her wings 
A world where only love lived 
Nothing but her me.



As most chicks flew away,
One chick did stay,
It was her chosen way,
From the nest she didn’t stray.

She stayed back to care for mother bird,
With such devotion, none has heard,
Between them there was a strong bond,
In this life and even beyond.

She has the wings and could have flown away,
Her love for the mother made her stay all night and day,
From her utmost devotion she didn’t sway,
She paid back the debt of her mother’s milk and didn’t betray.

She drank those tears even though they were an ocean,
She cleared all her pains with daughter’s utmost devotion,
She hugged and held her hand possessed by emotion,
For mother’s love, she sacrificed her life, what a dedication!!

Nest was not empty, her mother slept there now,
She tended her sick mother with unadultrated love,
Sleepless nights were spent in mother’s care,
She was the ray of hope in times of dark despair.



Her mother still waits for her today 
For with her 
she lives forever away 
beyond the stars 
In the moon faraway 
Everyday she turns 
her eyes above 
In the darkness 
to see her love 
As the stars 
twinkle down to say 
Mother we love you 
don’t gave away 
In the moonlight 
Sending thoughts 
Spreading their love 
The clouds glide 
Hiding her love 
The moon looks down 
Smiling from above 
Look up at me 
I am her love 
In me she shines 
shrouding her love 
Love me 
I am your love

Copyright:- Nutan Sarawagi and K.Radhakrishnan




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