Poems by Sameer Ahsan

Poems by Sameer Ahsan
When I meet a crowd-
Countless heads I count
Through and through I come by,
But the one I fail to find,
who is clothed, shielding identity,
Sheltering graceful humanity!
Men for a man
Or a throng against one man!
Look! A child is raped, an innocent is killed
Oh! humanity is brutally slained!
Humans are thoroughly disrobed!
Naked they lie in their virtual dress!
Die Before Death Deserves
On the wing of haste; fleets intolerant time,
Drawn up at your
Stark consent at once
Is it my ideal privilege, my love
Or your lone optional preferment?
You chanced after flawless reflection,
Your helplessness dressed in blue,
Ceaselessly served to my gained devotion.
Realization deepens deep gradually,
Corroborate me to your staunch devotion;
There I am little apprehensive, my friend!
Mine could have always been mine
And me as an option to get along;
Is why to be imposed on anyone?
Utilitarian fantasy of the fact rules –
“Die before death deserves”.
Your thoughts and me
Your thoughts are abound
And been deadly alive
Like a fire sweltering
My existence-
Reduced to complete
Yet, to your occupance,
I resign no way
Dwell with together –
your thoughts and me
And find breathing solace
Doesn’t matter whether
You are away or faraway.
Challenges and chances
Challenges and chances stride hand in hand
I held the later draped in challenge
And walked the most difficult path
No sooner I was tired
But difficult path was not that easy walk!
Looking back was equally done for another half
And I walked, just walked.
I didn’t listen to any but innerself
Optimism ushered all along
Accompanied by patience and perseverance
Again I walked, miles away I walked
Reached there where afew could be
Now the world says I outraced them
I say I fed my heart at last.

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