A Dialogue / Poem by Santiago Ali 

Poem by Santiago Ali 


A Dialogue 

Who are you?
A traveler lost in between
journey and destination
Who are you?
A thirsty one drowned in a mirage
In the sea of sand

Who are you?
The pain of the fragrance
Disowned by the rose
Now at the mercy of a wind
The wings of a color
Peeled off a butterfly in captivity…

Who are you?
The first drop of the rain
I am the last drop of the ocean
Walking upon an unclaimed piece of Earth uncontrolled
By any law, any regime, any religion

Who are you?
A beholder
beholden to the nakedness of an eye
I am the love, lover, the beloved
The fire that light the sun, the dew
where a lonely moon floats
In the river of night…

Who are you?
I am you
Who are you?

I am the tear fallen from the eye
Shed at the irony of a Sin that was not Original .

All Rights Reserved
© Santiago 2018


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