Poems by NilavroNill Shoovro

Poems by NilavroNill Shoovro
Song Of Palestine
I was there sleeping
Murdered with my wound
Like all the dead souls
In Palestine around
Even the blood frozen
Became history of the land
Millions of dead souls
Are glittering through the sand
Blank faces of my pains
The agonies on and on
The mist over the dead vision
All were in unison…
To escape from the death
To revolt against the goons
To fight for my voice
To win our freedom soon.
August The 29th’ 2018
Waiting In The Dusk
With the rose in the right hand
She was waiting
At the door
Everything was arranged
As she knew his tastes
Likes and the prejudices
Like the descending dusk
After a busy schedule
Meeting with her smiling
All around brimming in ecstasy
Touching and hugging
Comforting each other
So it had to be dusk
With the return journey of the birds
After a hectic schedule
With her waiting at the door for him
The single flower in her hand
Was counting the time also
Keeping itself fresh in fragrance
To overwhelm the lovers in time
The clock on the side wall
Was blinking also now and then
For him to arrive soon
Keeping pace with her heartbeats
The table was laid down in advance
For an early dinner
With the decorations all around
To extend the comfort zone
And still then she was waiting
For him in love
Like the fragrance of roses
In the descending dusk.
August The 22nd ‘2018

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