Poems by Rajashree Mohapatra

Poems by  Rajashree Mohapatra


Marmaid and The Sea 

Picture of a voyage 
A pendant in her cleavage
Dreams in her eyes
Searching for her Prince .

In deep ocean bed a mermaid dwells
Desperate passions surface well
To reveal hidden treasure
She has drawn to the water edge .

Singing joyous on the shore
With waves her voice melodious
When water swilling around
Her joys know no bounds .

Ocean fills with wave. millions
Heart swells with love impressions
Oh Prince . . . She waits . . .
Stretch your arms to adore
Before storm sweeps her forever .

@ Rajashree Mohapatra __september 9 ,2018
All Rights Reserved by Poet.


My Beloved Teacher . . .

( A Poem for my beloved father )

On the bed of passing time
I see your footprint fine
You my revered teacher
A guide , a great Philosopher .

Your wisdom your life
Is a text for my life
Torch of your knowledge
Help to pass test of life .

Your touch of affection
Lead me to perfection
You ignite my mind
For a bright future .

You are my inspiration
Redefined compassion
Still remember you saying
To live life with a mission .

Life moves without reason
Beyond the boundaries of our vision
Live life for realisation
In a peaceful world with determination .

@ Rajashree Mohapatra __september 5 , 2018
All Rights Reserved by Poet


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