We invite all eminent writers to ring the bell and to raise our voice against the destruction and degradation of the environment.The cry of the hour,the need of the day when the world is coming to a dead end.
Hence we come up with this environmental theme anthology “


* Citizens of the earth
*Poems should be written on destruction , degradation of nature,ways of preventing and words
of protest against this heinous crime
*Unpublished poems , between 16-25 lines.
* Non abusive language ,Not hurting any human sentiments,or religious practice.
* Bio within 4-5 lines and a clear high resolution pictures should be sent alongwith the poem .
* Last date 30. 09.2018
* Each contributor will be expected to buy a copy of the anthology .A certificate of honour will be provided to all the contributors alongwith the hard copies.

Note:- This anthology is only meant for exclusive purpose and will be launched in some grand way. So the publisher and the editorial board reserves the right to withdraw the anthology at any period of time and also cancel any submission ineligible. No complaints will be entertained.

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