Poems by Dr. L. Sr. Prasad

Poems by Dr. L. Sr. Prasad



Is it the duel between God and Satan to gain mastery over the body?
If not why this nine gated city that craves more for pleasures shoddy?
Like many saints he also tried to contain the desires in the pot of flesh,
When the puritanical fire was subdued by body urge he took oath fresh!

The serpent is there to devour your glow and to condemn you to hell!
The body is a filthy mass of bones, flesh and blood that often swell!
The breath and water that exude from it are full of poison and smell!
The desires of the body are unlimited and crafty that makes one unwell!

Then he experimented on himself the self-restraint techniques,
But the mood changes and unexplained rage, nightmares and piques,
The mid-night defeats and nocturnal emissions terrified his moral picks;
He discussed with the stretcher-bearers all these topics and pin pricks!

To become a virtuous leader and to devote himself wholly to the public,
He determined to live in chastity and his wife Kasturbai agreed to his logic!



In the Phoenix, the settlement was not that easy,
‘Unto This Last’ lasted in to him and his mind was busy,
An out of the way farm, with bare necessities in breezy,
The stress on self-sufficiency made everyone a bit crazy!

I was the engine that tested his acumen in that first night,
They fed me papers in foolscap size, locked the pages right,
Somewhere in me growled in agony and made me fight tight,
I coughed a few times, screeched once and died without fight!

Then came the engineer from Durban with his bolts and nuts,
He cajoled me, checked me and kicked me in my sleepy guts,
With a face and hands tasted oil and grease he lost his wits,
While he went to sleep, the blessed soul thought of plan-B hits;

The carpenters and staff worked the whole night on the hand-wheel,
When the engineer touched me at dawn presto, i moved with a squeal!



You just can’t ignore him his elephant face, his pot belly and his mouse vehicle!
You can say how can he compete with his high-fly brother on peacock spectacle!
You can ridicule him like the moon in splits looking at his belly that overshoots his feet,
You can say he is the most weird god that you had ever come across in mythical fleet!

But look at him closely you can see his outline merges with pranava -‘aum’-
He is the god of intellect and wisdom and can defeat anyone, god or gnome!
What about moon who has forgotten about his own dark and light phases loom,
He is Pillai the noble child who removes the obstacles in this world of gloom!

From the flour or clay he was made and stays in root chakra the first vortex,
There from the sleeping serpent power awakens, begins its journey in the matrix!
Buddhi- intellect, siddhi-spiritual power and riddhi- prosperity as his consorts in lux,
Subha- auspiciousness and labha- profit as their progeny, blesses us in riches flux!

O ganapathi- leader of the group! You were the scribe that transcribed Mahabharatam,
Non-stop while Vyasa was dictating to you, with your pulled out task on tala patram!
Such dried toddy -tabula rasa-:leaves are our lives, o remover of the obstacles!
Come, riding on your blameless Anindya rat vehicle and bless us in life’s miracles!



The virgin is on its voyage to life’s exciting lands, where new thrills arrive on car!
Slowly dark clouds dissolve into new rains and the earth emanates petrichor!
Vulcan is exploding in its inside inciting new fires and waterfalls in hills and valleys,
The question is about surrender, to work or to love but in devotion with passive volleys!

‘I want my lion share’-roars leo with its sun, shining in passionate teenager’s glow!
Generous to fault, loaded with forgiveness, leo yields to romantic promiscuous flow!
‘Can i sing you a song, a serenade of love?- asks leo in a quest to love and be loved!
In love with itself and in love with love the great cats purr in pride or vanity allowed!

Moving sideways crab dwells in negative dark forces with mood disturbances,
Joys and tears are reserved for lonely nights, crabs prefer love instances,
And develop shells of protection from the world outside and run for distances,
Love is preferred in darkness where imagination can go beyond any stances!

When the twins sing in dual tone and tune world stops to hear them in awe!
The communication is so excellent gemini are preferred souls but they are raw!
Often contradicting themselves they look at the world in wonder and excitement,
Freedom is their ultimate aim, may discard love in its brim and go for entertainment!

The bull is in the china shop, everything it wishes to possess otherwise destroys,
It smells and chews romance as if it is new grass, ponders for a while before it enjoys;
Love is all physical, the collision of two clouds, a few bolts, lightnings and rain,
Hard working for stable love and life, the taurus is home loving in its brain and grain!

It is the just born mentality of a new born, needs a cry to acclimatize to the weather,
A cry and a deep breath to start the fires of life, a kiss, a hug and a lulaby from mother,
When it is hungry it cries for milk and
demands love, not bothered about others,
For Aries love is existence and tears are its defense n offence, without love it withers!

Copyright@dr. Lsr prasad


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