Poems by Ezhil Vendhan

Poems by Ezhil Vendhan
A dove I am, a pigeon,
emphasizing my presence around the world.
A symbol of love, peace and spirituality
celebrated by all except none.
Unlike the most of the living things
I secrete milk to feed my young squabs,
unmindful of my sex.
I may take flight, circle around
and come back to your ground
with unique diving flights on my way.
My wings are large with strong muscles,
the strongest fliers of all birds,
highly manoeuvrable in flight.
I am adapted to all the habitats
available on this mother earth.
I am termed as endearment
in the song of songs.
I have the privilege of preference
among all birds for my intelligence,
perfection and excellence.
When I was sent out during flood calamity,
I came back with an olive branch in my beak,
indicating the prevalence of calm and peace.
I have been messengers for all,
I braved the battlefields, wars
and was awarded laurels for my service.
I am under threat now
and even succumbed to extinction.
I am considered as the Holy Spirit
as holiness comes down through me.
I assisted prophets to escape from enemies.
Copyright @ Ezhil Vendhan
I am a little bird, sparrow
inhabit around humans dwell.
Since all dear ones like my traits
people call me locale bird,
house bird flying everywhere,
uneasy to catch me anywhere.
Our pair bond is unique irrespective of sex
preserving the offspring is not unisex.
I am a finch, a refuge bird,
unknowingly that I may seek asylum
for life at a period of hi tech time
on the rise of microwave radiation .
Now the life of our species itself
endangered and at the edge of extinction
due to urbanization and pollution.
I do no harm to anyone
but only to make the life cycle
of the nature completes its own.
No hidden in mind and heart
as no one could enjoy such an immunity,
I’m citadel of freedom and liberty.
Great poets celebrate me
as I’m carefree, frank and open,
I won’t hide myself on any situation.
© Ezhil Vendhan

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