Poems by Lopamudra Mishra

Poems by Lopamudra Mishra
I hear your silence
I hear and feel your silence
From the hustle bustle
From the rumble tumble
From the up and down
Of curves and lanes
I feel your presence
From the thunder and sound
Which thumps loud in my vein.
I recognize your footprints
Pounding heave
Your quietness and tender beats
I know you care for me
Though you accept silence towards me
You love me or not ,I cannot predict
But yes ,I guess
Your heart beat too beats my name.
Because of you
If someday my aisle will question me
Why I have changed the direction of my wind?
The answer will be ,because of you…
If someone questions me
Why my silence is louder and louder in every passing minute?
The answer will be ,because of you..
If the river will ask me
Why I love my reflection in the running water?
The answer will be ,because of you….
If the dark sky will ask me
Why I am so fond of celestial bees, the silent Moon?
I will say I exchange my words with them, because of you….
If the mountains will ask me
Why I love the echoes so much?
I will say I hear your name from words that rebound
And resonance of pleasing words crawl me down,
If the sea will question me
Why I am fond of waves?
I will say ,I travel peacefully in each ebb.
Because of you.
I hear your voices from the dark spaces
From the dark spaces
I hear your voices
I see your facet of faces
I could visualize your temper
Your love for me
though I know you are angry with me,
From your each word of hurt
Indicating towards me
I realize your passion, yearning
And strong infatuation for me
You know ,how easily you occupied my world
I have forgotten me and started sailing towards your world
Unconsciously I erased the particles from the path
Only to run with you among the green meadows
I dared to cross the iron fences
I have become audacious enough to travel with your reminiscences
I count our days as one of my beautiful and unforgettable experiences.

One thought on “Poems by Lopamudra Mishra

  1. You are Inspiration for the contemporary as well as young generation by your Incredible creative work through your Poem’s one after another. It has been not only acknowledged but highly appreciated among the poet’s and writer’s in India and across the globe. May God bless you with all the blessings in its treasure and we may get many – more beautiful creation from you in coming future…My best wishes with you….

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