The fragile ceramic mind vase / Poem by Ruma Hazarika

Poem by Ruma Hazarika


The fragile ceramic mind vase 

Learned from my own life to wear
Beautiful flowers of good cerebration
On my mind, soul and vision

Mind is like a fragile ceramic vase
Broken easily if you get hurt
Often needs to change
It’s no longer fresh, when filled with water of unpleasant thinkings

Often I beautify it
With the flower of Sweet fragrance
The flowers, which I gathered
Through my life experiences
Sometimes I severely get affected
For my inborn softness
What the world call it foolishness

Comforting myself I say
As It’s natural
Suffering pains for absurd reasons

It’s our self inflicted wounds,
Causes association of unpleasant things
Can’t we blame this on
Anyone or any situations

Feeling uncomfortable with any reason
Often I avoid that course
Where I was wounded badly for immature decisions

No, I don’t run away from the situation.
Just gathering energies for myself, to adapt with much peaceful options.

Can’t we change things or abnormalities
With straight view points
Unless we change our attitudes

Adopting my attitude for achieving
Desired design for the environment which is changing
Which I always wished
Walking through
This beautiful boulevard
Wearing choicest flowers on my feet
Always love to sprinkle the petals of peace

Series of life long doings
Which I always followed
The human and their emotions
That are my affections

That’s why with every changing situations I am wearing
Many beautiful flowers
Which are blooming in our way
Just need a respectful attention
We can beautify our mind of ceramic vase , with its grace
With all the good vibes
Though it’s Sounds quite fascinating
Oh! The experience is really astonishing!



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