Shades of white! / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Shades of white!
We colour the world with shades of white
Not letting the scarlet and Crimson of blood water our children’s innocent lives
Let us break the rifles into two pieces
Let us shred our ego and make mincemeat of our hungering thirsting greed for power
Let the perfumes of Arabia smell sweeter than the stench of oil
Let the fields of poppies colour our hearts with rainbow hues of love
Let not weapons and drugs steal our children from their nests
Let us not let anyone dare prey upon our gullible goodness
Let the brooks and streams of the cedar cloaked hills beckon us to love
Let us live the life of joyous ease
Let no sirens shatter our peace
Let not young soldiers be maimed and mutilated
Let no widows wait at Windows
With starry dreams that are lost
Let babies gurgle and chortle in valleys full of tulips
Let not the narcissus wilt
Let no field of saffron suffer
Let us stop humiliating humans
Let us give them self respect
Let us live in harmonic symphony
So that Beethovens are born again
Let white poppies rule the roost
Let blood splattered faces fade !!
(C) Lily Swarn 15.5.2016

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