Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat

Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat


I Will Be The Sunlight To Your Darkness

In the summer before the dark
I met you and you told me that
you were afraid of the darkness

I held your hand and walked you to
the darkest room for a long time,
I exposed love in light and dark

As you were fading into the only
colours of the darkness while ignoring
the rainbow and the scents of spring

Through death or through the darkness
you enjoyed the kisses of vampires
and adored the flames of the dragons

when darkness falls to the moon
I will be the sunlight to your darkness
to dance and kiss you in all four seasons.



Another cigarette to smoke
to burn the lungs before they
allow oxygen in the air to be
taken into my sweaty body

there’s no need to inhale or exhale
life is already short to drink
and get drunk, therefore I will
look for the man to bury my ends

the night train has been damaged
just like my eyes, they are forbidden
from smiling instead, they are weeping
from the smoke of another day of grief


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