Poems by George Onsy

Poems by George Onsy



We have once met in the past
But surely
We will meet in the future
Our life on earth will not last
But surely
We’ll live to rewrite the Scripture
We are taken by desire an’ lust
But surely
We’ll make of man God’s best creature
For maybe
We were cast into moulds of dust
But surely
He can make of us a divine sculpture
Yes, maybe
We won’t get what we want so fast
But surely
Step by step we’ll walk the adventure
Maybe …
And MAYBE has never been a must
Is our hymn, language and culture.

George Onsy © 2011



O God
Thank you for
The woman
In man’s life
She gives him
A reason
To be, to try, to strife.
She is your very touch
Through which
You would like
To love giving so much.
She is the melody
Of your guiding voice
Where dancing
Will be the only choice.
She is the colours
Spread by
Your shining sun
Filling the air with
Laughs, songs and fun
She is the reflection
Of your smiling moon
On joyful rivers
Flowing soft
Running fast
Until they dive into
The boundless ocean
To be one at last.

George Onsy © 2013


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