Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
I adore you
dedicated my Romanian friend Vasile
Perfect are your heart
More beautiful than the stars
How precious you are
Perfect are your soul.
More beautiful than the rainbow
How precious you are
I adore you
your friendship
Dedicated my nice Romanian friend Vasile
your friendship is like a flower
soft and beautiful
your friendship is like the sun
bright and warm
your friendship it is utmost of treasure
so cold
so hard without you –
I shiver
autumn 2.
so cold without you –
black dog sleeps near my feet
colorless without you –
i cry like a child
Maybe I can’t be loved.
Maybe I can’t love.
Maybe I can love.
Maybe I am loved.
But I want to believe,
In you, in me,
In Us.
I want forever.
Can you love me…
I’m terrified that you can.
Where are you?
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Where are you?

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