Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu

Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu



Outside is cold, winter knocks
musty room, poverty covers me
defeat eager in this environment 
feelings cry, tears are shaking.

I, mother, and our children are
silence covers a room,
in the corner nearby the window
lying, expects help Lady of the House.

Give me your hand loving mother
pain speaks on her face,
my son, gorgeous of my life
you are tired, forgive me my dear.

She sat in the bathtub, being as a fist
I closed the door broken in spirit,
feelings has long been plugged in loneliness
tears have dried, clashes poorness.

Strange sound ‘tup’ woke me, a terrible distress
scared eyes are asking me
dear son, do you have money for my last trip
yes Dear Mother, do Rest in Peace…



Song one, would like to sing
for the bride the beauty of the house,
attempted rainbow to be jealous
accompanied by lyric songs
letters have been thrown through dance
for you
mother of my dear children!

Ah … so much wishes
old age is tasting
in the blessed place of the first meeting
walkings in the youth ally
warm hugs
hoping the kindness of nature will reward us.

Perhaps, I do not know, maybe I ask too much
sunset to meet
wander through the night stars
again, yes again,
to wake up with the birth of the day.

I do expect
nourished with the generosity nectar
step by step going towards the threshold heat
you, I,
moving on together
righteous to old age.

I do dream of the predecessors
with a smile drunk the time
please do take a look
they are coming
thin voices are melting the ages
hear, it is divine poetry
grandma, my grandpa….
you do feel the words of the future are
HUGS sending!

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