Poems by Dr.Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr.Subhendu Kar
into inviolable wings of rain clouds sky reverberates to dapple,
Sunset rhymes to stumble upon hue of blue to batter white
for serene silence to mediate upon milieu of darkness by alligience of haloed myth of heaven
Autumn is still far off
to embrace empathy
of due to proclaim art of love.
dream seems to shy of enigma in adherence of esoteric vision.
Grain of sand fles into obscurity to resolve symmetry of mass on crust of earth
unison into convergence to epitomise rainbow
the stratified fossil of unflagging moments of revelation
to triumvirate by curve of gravity.
consciously to become unconscious by flux of magnet to carve chord
contour of geometry merges to verge metamorphosis disparate relining for intimate silence to discern synthesis
for cry of joy within
yet to purge crave from blossom to bloom
the reality to define by words of pulsation
like tide of ocean to sustain in sweet room of e
for continuity to craddle on lap of earthly desire
onto salvation of desire to spree like breeze of haloed beauty then and there by law of diminution.
Evolution lays in lone silence to unflage unto oblivion,
who knows torque of time to fall onshore,
when skittery moments travel to time onto eternity
as enigma stumbles upon free flow of heaven yet unobscured.
no one is immortal on space to reign over niche of this world
today meets tomorrow to tell story of yester years,
myth of rise and fall overshadows to say truth lacking clarity of vision.
neither you nor me alone,
wealth, past, people either proclaim to prologue mystery of universe.
soul solaces best as when accords bliss of humanity on its path along yet staggering unsavoured.
@dr.subhendu kar.

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