Poems by Adriatik Jaçe

Poems by Adriatik Jaçe



The sin is bad and grumpy Get caught and stick in the spirit
In mind, devilishnes lights up
Wickedness blind your eyes

Afflicted from the fever
Freely, moves intrigue in mind
Like a wave and fluid get out
In other pieces,other lands get start
You look how the others catch
From boredom,everybody is shaking
More powerful intrigue open up
The sin, is intrigue’s the only king
Enter on minds and humans bodies
With the only color, the sin
The century- old freedom is shaken
From it’s hair pulls hard, intrigue.


Cursed the Gods!

Under the black smoke of gunpowder
I hang around, allover black
Rain of shells pass over me
I don’t know what’s happening…what to heck..

Thence Albanians,hence Albanians
Everywhere i hear albanian folks
Here civillians,there are soldiers
I’m screaming…
We’re so close, so close…
For us there is no north and south..
We’re all sons of a mother
With albanian blood in veins…
We all are brothers
Albanians wherever you are
On the globe, look at your homeland
The land that Byron trampled
Is a droplet just a droplet
My body is shaking
With open wounds on my feets
Red blood stems from me
With the smoke and the dirt
I swing my eyes to better see
Oh,just… Kalashnikov,
Two eyes,two eyes in the dark….
And masks, smoked faces
I try to talk to them
But no. I can’t see strait or around
The bottom of the guncvendv falls on me…
I fall in the ground..
Morning, as it approaches
With the dew cools me….
Though bushes I’m trying to survive
How am I alive,I’m alive ?!
With my fractured legs
Trying hard to stand
“You’ll think I’m not a Albanian
You’ll think they wasn’t the Albanians yesterday ???
I lift my hands up
With high voice I pray
“Forgive us dear GOD
Cursed be the gods!


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