Stacia Lynn Reynolds ( USA)

Stacia Lynn Reynolds
Editor, Stacia Lynn Reynolds is a Writer, Poet, Developmental and Creative Freelance Editor, Editor-In-Chief of Our Poetry Archive, and the Published Author of Escape Down the Roman Road, A Poetic Journey Through Life, The Enchantment, and is also published in many Poetry Anthologies worldwide; including Atunis Galaxy’s 2018 Anthology of Contemporary World Poetry. Stacia began her English degree at Owens Community College, USA, then continued her BA in English through the University of Phoenix, USA. Stacia’s life’s goal and dream is to encourage others with her words; witness peace, love and harmony among all mankind; and smile contagiously until the Earth’s Sun ceases to shine; a smile is contagious! Stacia’s book Escape Down the Roman Road is available at WestBow Press, Amazon, Books- A- Million, and Barnes and Noble. Her poetry book, The Enchantment, is available at Amazon. Our Poetry Archive can be accessed at, and Atunis Galaxy’s 2018 Anthology of Contemporary World Poetry is available at
Life’s an Enigma: Sonnet II
Life’s an enigma, mythological
It twists the mind of the songsmith’s lyric
The perplexity of a parable.
The sphinx proposes her riddles’ havoc.
Will the enticement of lure bring its death?
A place surrounded by shadow’s color.
Small glimpse, vision appears- exhales her breath
Why embrace mendacity of dolor?
Life’s anthem will rise upon thy depths seen.
Passions of sorrow shall not encamp thee,
Making clear the melody of the queen
Shedding light upon the allegory.
A promising hope of lucidity,
Bringing to life perfect serenity.
©Stacia Lynn Reynolds

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