BANYAN TREE / Poem by Dr. Ezhil Vendhan

Poem by Dr. Ezhil Vendhan



You are asking what could trees give me.
Why are you so hatred on trees?
What the trees do not offer us,
don’t you know 
the trees are the boons of the soil.
How could there be natural environment
without plants and trees.

You are posing a question
as to why I am crelebrated
and written by poets and writers
who love natural environment.
It is my bark which is used for making paper on which you write.

I’m always evergreen,
the tree of knowledge and tree of life.
I am one of the most venerated trees in India,
a tree of immortality.

I can take root and grow in any soil,
even in baren land.
I can survive for centuries together
and is often compared to the shelter given by Almighty to the people.

I am the Kalpavriksha,
for the people
fulfilling their wishes, desires and many material gains.
I’m the male and soulmate of Peepal tree.

My luminous aerial tentacles
grow down into the soil forming additional trunks and is therefore called Bahupada,
the one with several feet.
I am the botanical embodiment of the universal soul.

I am sacred and connected with Buddha.
I only extended my hands
to him to climb up
from the flooding river Niranjana.
It is believed that,
under my branches only,
Buddha was served with
sweet pudding by Sujata.
He got refreshed and sat near
my main trunk for seven days
and attained enlightenment,
absorbed in his new-found realization.

I am probably the biggest
and friendliest of all trees.
I have always been the focal point for the common people.
My gloosy edible leaves are used as the food plates
by poor wanderers.

Copyright ©Dr Ezhil Vendhan

2 thoughts on “BANYAN TREE / Poem by Dr. Ezhil Vendhan

  1. The second line has grammatical error.
    The ending is poorly written.
    Agron is weak in English and chooses mediocre poems by ordinary and nonsensical writers who are Facebook poets.

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