Poems by Hector Genotype

Poems by Hector Genotype



Once again I say rejoice with them
To them whom life treated thus
Rejoice even when the sun back us

To them that their faces flourish
To them that stand tall
Whom earth never tarnish
Whom never have met destruction at all

Rejoice with them
To them who have made it
During the hot sun
And the rain
Whom never get the blame

Rejoice once again !
To them that always eat the gain
To them that can see
To them that are free

Rejoice !
Even with them
Who has put little effort and succeed
Who never sings good
Yet you are still in the hood
Whom God bless with beauty and food
Lad, shade,grade and bread

Rejoice even unto them
Who’s persecution you die
Yet they sprung tall to fame
And you were trashed like one who never try.



Lead me across the pebble shore
Into the mainland where mercy show
For those whose aims are disastrous 
Are archer ambidestrous

Lead me across the red sea
Unto the mountain where I’ll see
The cannan and also will be

Oh heavenly Bliss !
Lead me for my soul is weary
My hands are shaky
My heart is troubled
My pains have been doubled

Lead me across no rain
Across failure where my expectation yielded no gain
No dew !
For am nothing without You !

Lead me across weeping and mourning
Across the darkest world
Across the lonesome heart
Lead me to Your rest

Lead me across this world of sin
To a place where we will sing
Hallelujah to the King
And the sweetest note the angelic once told
There we will never grow old.



For am not ashamed
Having two lovers
Two special lovers 
So dear to me

Let me tell ’bout the first
The one on my right hand
She’s truly kind
She put me in everything first
She loves me so
And I can’t let go !

She wakes early in the morning
Trying to fix us
A hot plates
Forgetting not a minute hot kiss
And she never complain ’bout money

I really really love her so
And can do anything to let her know
Yet I still have two lovers
And I can’t let go !

Let me tell ’bout the other
Who derives only joy making me sadder
She wish am older
So she will go to the other

Cos she’s pretty
She utilize it and made me silly
She never comes back to bed
She truly treats me bad !

Am the launderer
Cos everyday her arms rupture
Am the cook
And the one that took
The children to school yonder

Yet I really really love her so
And I can’t let them go.


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