Zombies / Poem by Olfa Philo

Poem by Olfa Philo



hey my fellow zombies,
can you perceive where we are?

are you conscious of this mass mind control
or still enchanted by this bomb-like toy?

do you seriously believe that all
they want is our utter ease and joy?

are you aware of the trillions criminals cash
by offering us this embellished trash?

hasn’t anyone alerted you to the purpose of these spying tools
to metamorphose us into helpless dumb-ass fools?

didn’t you feel the chains around your neck
by having our data stored in these gadgets of high-tech?

aren’t you yet aware of the love and sex traps
or do you still need much more poetic slaps?

have you any idea about the ones pulling the strings
or just consuming the shit as make-believe kings?

haven’t you detected our pathetic megalomania
at the expense of education and bibliomania?

don’ you know the electromagnetic radiation emitted by this device
is meant to increase their wealth and speed up our demise ?

are you really enjoying being lonely with a smart phone
and having our humanity cut to the bone?


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