Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy

Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy


All Struggles are for Freedom!

Where there is freedom, there only joy and pleasure prevail
To make life proceed with love, bliss and satisfaction ever;
Freedom only gives confidence, courage and endurance to
Do anything one likes against all deficiencies or difficulties!

First struggle of people or individual in any nation is for
Freedom only as that only can provide all to do all ever…;
All hardships and difficulties faced by all are to get the
Feast of freedom as the price for all sacrifices all make..!

Food, education, job and comforts are what all try to have
To make oneself free from pain and agonies to enjoy pleasure
And ecstasy in life to be really happy and joyful in all things
One does according to one’s desire in full power sure ever!

Not only physical and intellectual freedom, but also spiritual
Freedom is needed to have nirvana state of total liberation!
That is why all struggles of men go on endless in the world
Until true freedom is achieved to leave the world free sure!


A Nice Moon Light Night!

Every night Moon comes up late, later and latest;
Once coming up the town trees, Moon goes straight
Up to the Sky to join with the Stars waiting for its
Company to rule the whole night all over the Universe!

Cool bright Moon rising from the Sea every night does
Its regular duty of going round the mother Earth sure
East to West making all sway by the night and sleep
Under Moon light to have wonderful dreams of heaven!

Moon inspires everyone’s horse of imagination to make
A trip to many unknown places of the Universe like the
Legendary Pegasus shining bright as the Star in the Sky
That inspires many a romantic idea in the minds of many!

Romantic love stories like in A Midsummer Night’s Dream,
Night Moon kindles in everyone’s heart to have nice night!


Three Phases of World Life!

It gives relief, peace and great pleasure to do what
one likes to do whether one is in monotonous mood or
Grief stricken state in certain times of world life!

In some tragic situation in working life, many do not
Know how to coup with afterwards and what to do next
To manage oneself in new situation in life sure here!

Each and everyone has some interest in something;
That is the starting point for turning a new leaf in
Life to coup with the new situation for the better..!

Loving persons and friends are come to this context
to remind one of that idea and make the sad one see
A new way to live the next life after a tragedy sure…!

Life with parents and education is first phase, family,
Work and children are second phase and turning a new
Leaf in doing interesting work is third phase of life ever!


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