Poems by Pal Sujata

Poems by Pal Sujata
Living Files
The one and only
Living files of mine are my students
Who arrive the seminary
Having the fardel of books with them.
And their shinning eyes
To know the unknown
To visit the unvisited,
To quench their thirst of knowledge
Make me feel lofty that
I deal with the living files
Never like the official files
Which are kept in the shelves year by year.
Rather my files grow day by day
Not only by age but with
Knowledge and experience.
Elated to be a part of the noble mission
To lit the lamp of knowledge within the
Innocent, pure grown up adolescents
Who come to learn with so much hopes as well curiosities.
Let’s Go
Let’s go far away from this world
Which is full of roughness and complexities,
Rather let’s go there where the dirty politics
Has not yet reached,
The sky is still blue, black smoke has never touched,
Money is regarded just as paper, for it snatches the mental peace,
No battle of contest for upliftment is taken place there,
Where nature is ready to hug everyone equally.
Where no difference between the rich and poor,
Literate and illiterate seen.
Where no earthly pleasure will touch us
For we will be bathed in the shower of natural bliss.
Let’s go to that heavenly abode.
I Am….
I am….
I am not any philosopher
Who explains the Philosophical ideas and inspire you…..
Neither I am a statesman
Who could convince with the sweet magical words….
I am not even a singer
Who could heal the Weired soul with the special tune….
I am not a poet too who could compose verses with the witty vocabularies…
I am not a high scholar
Who could influence you with the vast wisdom…
Rather I am a very ordinary human being
Who possesses a soft beautiful heart that knows how to love unconditionally and avoids violence.

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