Feathers Of The Fall / Poem by Santiago Ali

Poem by Santiago Ali

Feathers Of The Fall

Withered deeply gushed colours
tear them apart
From the Light frozen upon
Tip of a thorn
Life but still flaps and


The feathers of the Fall

Autumn is the season of a complete
and ardent surrender
When like birds
Fall upon earth wounds of sky

From yellow to tangerine
Blood -red and sanguine
And down deep worst are the

Purple. Bone

Orderly chaotic
Beauty is not always in love
with the peace

Most beautiful are the pains
Of the soul when
Stepping out of the body lovers
See in to their own eyes
Empty and silent
When a storyteller places in
Their hands
An apple and a knife and ask
them to behold

A carved out fairy who slays her sculptor and strikes
Her head against the rock crying to go back from
Where she has been expelled

In the desert of the snow chopped finger lovers search for
Their lost oasis
Where their sunshine is well cocooned in a nest
Where a beast King throws
himself on his knees
Before a lamb
For a pinch of warmth
For a morsel of an innocence

Feathers of the Fall
When thawed in the heat of
wine dipped lips of the summer
Take chopped fingers lovers back to
Eden Rock

Where a Moving Finger writes and move ahead .

All Rights Reserved
©Santiago 2018

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