Human – Dr. Waqar Khan / Translated by Syedah Maryam Iqbal

Poem “Insaan” written in Urdu by Dr. Waqar Khan
I am also a human,
I also understand the importance of Education,
I also adorn my body with English attire, sit in a tea shop in a pleasure seeking mood chewing dry fruits and taking sips of tea, give very thought provoking lectures about humanity and for the rights of people that are the pulverized, surrendered, weak people, screeching for their rights and get beaten for that in Kashmir, Burma, Palestine, Thar and Saraiki and some more lands, which come on my thinking lips.
I am also a human,
I also take photographs of girls burnt with acid and at many places, make people realize, See! “We should also voice about women’s rights and interests”.
I am also a human,
I abandon going towards such hotels where I notice much smaller kids working because of affliction and bewail.
I am also a human,
And a human who is always against the human race himself,
May it be a ravenous cheetah or a tiger or a wolf or any other predator, it never desires to annihilate its own race, but this vulture like human is the one who has always tyrannized the weak in the zeal of keeping himself domineering over his own race.
If there is a stranger in the city, the marketers tell him double prices,
If someone goes astray from his own convoy and joins some other convoy for support and direction, then they surround him holding weapons,
Friends turn their faces from their many close friends on the basis of negligible discussion about a cult,
Many families close to each other more than customary blood relations, living in any neighborhood for years, trample the promises of their ancestors under their feet for the interests and oppositions of some unblessed and inconsistent stately political organizations,
After division of property and all the belongings of the home, turns are decided for keeping parents in their own snatched home,
Is it the identity of a Muslim to get a religious pronouncement for blasphemy for burning alive the one who ever is to be revenged?
Is he a human whoever is proud of being a sharp human of today’s modernized age?
No, I am not a human at all.
Poem “Human” translated in English by Syedah Maryam Iqbal

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