Poems by Eva Kacanja

Poems by Eva Kacanja
We do not know anything
I do not know anything,
Iceberg is this luck
After a day and a year,
There where I laugh
somebody’s soul is hurt.
You know nothing too,
In vain you say you’re bigger,
You suffered so many years looking for yourself,
Like a wader lost in forgotten lips,
Painful hostage of past times.
We all try in vain
We do not know anything
The fabricated Pandora moves around us,
It scares someone and smiles to another
When the shout plows the mountain out of fear and horror,
When the loss approaches and touches loves,
When the strings break and the heart burns,
We all realise
we do not know anything.
We do not know anything and yet we know
from the blessed mud we came one day,
When the sun shines and warms the land
When the breeze refreshes mornings and nights,
When the season ripens and lets down its fruit ,
When the loving hand is touched by fingers,
When the soul of nature from dew starts to get wet,
When the baby is born and the man grows old,
When the gentle links come down in line,
We do not know anything
but still we know something.
When the streets of life unexpectedly twist,
You’d better return where you were first. …
Do not ask me why…
When your eyelashes like a swallow’s wings close,
And inside I feel my thoughts dancing,
The stars from fresh sky come down and sit ,
The jasmine shivers from perfume’s kiss.
You start to speak and I silent stay
Without listening a word you say,
In my confused mind the blood rushes hot,
In the darkly brain the blood comes hot,
This breath makes me fall,
Making me love you a lot.
The night thrills under your prayers,
Kissing me on my forehead as you say “Amen”
Everything you have makes me feel a woman,
Everything you have but what that is still don’t know …!
The star of the night
I dive into the forest of your eyelyshes.
Not afraid,
Simply the soul cartilages like a mill under the wind and its plates feel desperate to touch
and kiss you endlessly.
I do not want stars,
Don’t even want the moon,
The tongue like a thirsty animal rages,
Heavenly is the water of your lips,
Gold curtains
To the body exposes.
I dive into your tempting privacy,
Fairy voices sound in nature,
Like the night butterfly inside you I tremble,
Dance like crazy, hair and limbs.
I’m not afraid,
When your black eyes like zafire glitter,
Excitement spreads like a holy spirit,
Mind and body on the run i feel,
Faded in the darkness
The light I find still..
If you understood the eye’s fog,
When it tries to see you and the tear prevents it…
If you could touch the tremors of the soul,
When it tries to talk, and the fear hushes….
If you, like me,felt the magic of love,
When it burns from missing you and the stars grill…
If you dawned the day differently,
And hold me with your wings and your desire,
The dearest for me you’d be,
And the world would definitely be better…
Translated by Dori Konomi

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