LOVE … / Poem by Rajashree Mohapatra

Poem by Rajashree Mohapatra



A Poem and Painting by Rajashree Mohapatra

Is it …

Just Physical

Higher than lust

Higher than sensuality

Or just exploitation as a means .

= = =

Is it …

Just a mutual sharing

Of your being

Of your joys , of your music

Or of pure poetry of your life .

= = =

Is it …

Just possessive

Or non possessive

Creates bondage or gives freedom

Or changes with better consciousness .

= = =

Is it …


Transcendence of all duality

Where no lover , no beloved exist

Only LOVE …the ultimate goal of life

To be achieved .

= = =

Is it …

The ultimate state

When possible lacks nothing

Fulfilling eternal joy , a glorious bliss

Even death can’t destroy

Is it the goal of life to be achieved …

@Rajashree Mohapatra 2018
All Rights Reserved by Poet.


Painting by Rajashree Mohapatra

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