Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



Ignorance ,dark shade of life
Faced by us without light
Impact of materialistic brightness 
Bring stress ,struggle ,tears of life

Flood of greed choked that river
Where we go deep find more
Yearn for connection with God
Remove dark clouds of ignorance

Temple of soul shine when
We stand in the light
The light we get make life worth
What I love want share to the world

When did we loss ignorance
Was it that day we find temple shone
I’m not alone ,all are with me
Full of peace ,full of zeal for world’s heal



When all people can win
Prayers would recite by all lips
Then all diminishes sin
When all flowers dance
All get their chance
And the holy tears will smile
Voices eager to fly
When the houses lit with light
Then battle would not be fight
When eminent amiable come
Then peace will be here
And war would run
When marvellous come forward
Then peace will be all around
All know ,come empty handed
Why forget devine light
And busy in fight
Kissed that angel come for nobility 

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