Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
You are my skin
You are my breathe
I adore you
so many tears…
so many tears
leading to this beautiful
October morning
I am cold.
Cold from the inside, out.
My hands are cold,
my feet are cold,
my legs are cold,
my breasts are cold,
my nose, my lips, my toes,
my ankles….
dedicated my friend Gheorghe
you left me
I am sad-
cat sleeps near my feet
I don’t know
I don’t know..
I don’t know why
My heart is beating
I don’t know why
Why am I sad inside
I don’t know why.
Life so empty and cold
I don’t know why
My best friend
You are my best friend
I love you so much
Dedicated my nice Romanian friend Vasile
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
in your eyes
I lost myself….
No words .

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