Primordial Incarceration / Poem by Pragya Sharma


Poem by Pragya Sharma
Primordial Incarceration
She was kept inside boundaries of judgements;
She was given obtuse lessons called fear.
She was searching for the value of her sentiments;
Her principles were unquestionable and clear.
She was told to stay silent among the vexatious screams;
But her inner voice whispered in certain peace,
“Get up and chase your own dreams
And all your distress and worries shall cease.”
She grew from the words of hatred just to adopt reason,
Thus the grudge she was holding submerged.
She possessed the weapon to adapt to any season,
To start chasing what she urged.
She had a spark of faith in her eyes;
She had the power of hope in her voice.
With her adamant determination, she will rise,
And her upcoming victory will make the strident noise.
Pragya Sharma
Class- 10th
Narayana e-Techno School, Gurgaon
About the poet: Pragya is a voracious book reader in such young. She is quite passion in creative piece of writing. She is greatly interested in thriller genre.

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