FROM DEATH TO HIS WORST ENEMY – 6 / Poem by George Onsy

Poem by George Onsy



So they call me,
And so they fear me.
How come, you,
Little dreamer,
Ever shake my terror?
Don’t you see how
Everybody clings to life
Yes, mortals do learn
With every breath,
With each sigh
To dread my unscheduled day
When my shadow comes by.

And I calmly answer:
Dear Death Sir,
My days on earth are
Just a long romantic strife
Trying to dive into the arms
Of the very Source of Life
For me, living otherwise
Is nothing but a steady ride
Of hours, months, or years
Towards your arms
Ever open too wide.

My throbbing heart
That can never lie
Keeps telling me
With each of its beats
That even if I’d perish
My eternal dwelling with
My Ever-Living Beloved
Can never die?

George Onsy @copyrights 2018
With a combination I’ve designed out of my two paintings: 
“THE AGED EMBRYO” – 1978 … Born to an imitation of life or buried to be reborn to the real one?! 
(The original painting is tilted in perspective and doubled).
The previous poems of this series, together with their related artworks, are on my blog of poems and paintings: 

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