She Became A Linger Brook / Poem by Irannii Saikia

Poem by Irannii Saikia


She Became A
Linger Brook 

She have trained
to walk by toiled
on a huge areas of thorny plants
without slippers or shoes.
But she felt
hail with joy
for sonething of new.

She was distracted
by something around,
And unable to do her test.
Thinking of something else,
She was tired
But not slep.

Someone said
She is lazy but crazy
And announced her name
as a linger brook of village.
Lively with a smile she
was embraced all titles of sirnames.
And remain a long to go
all around.
She started to flow shingly
inside the ridges between
me and my soul.

Act after linger brook
As a pedestrianism she
started to gain on foot,
Those missing address
with a mind full of peace
and brisk.
Without shoes or boots.
Thinking of something else
We need to gain
remain a long again.
But I can’t allow any madness
due to excessive toil
into my heart to sopil !!

All right reserved@Irannii Saikia
( 12-10-2018 ) Irannii Saikia


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