A soul in search of self / By Dr. Jagdish Prakash

A soul in search of self
One of the good things which happened to me on Face Book is friendship of HELA JENAYAH TEKALI. Being a poet myself, I could relate with her naturally as she is a prolific writer of verse. Her poetry touches the higher realms of human conscious as her narrative is loaded with Sufi mysticism . In her poems she speaks of yearnings, the intense desire, the quest for the Supreme whom she perceives as a lover. Her relationship with the Supreme master of the universe is personal and intense. Her language has the reflections of Sufi mystics like Rumi, Saadi, Shams Tabrizi , Hafiz etc. She is a prolific writer. Perhaps she carries a fire of longing flor the Divine which gives such fluidity to her pen.
It was a moment of great happiness when I came to know that she has published a book which contain Spiritual quotes which is a collection of her writing on this subject. The book has been aptly named” THE SOARING OF MY SOUL” I was doubly happy when I received a copy of her book.
Hela Jenayah TEKALI
This book of 124 [pages encapsules the wisdom of centuries which Hela has perceived in terms of her own experiences and realisation of innerself. Reading these quotes I experienced flashes of enlightening wisdom. In one of her quotes she writes ” To know who you really are, you have first to forget who they told you to be”..This statement is so simple yet so profound. You cannot discover your innerself unless you discard your outer egoistic self. You have to unlearn to learn better. You need a clean slate to begin with true knowledge.Spirit of surrender manifests in this quote” Run to your soul and lose yourself there.It is the best place where you can find back your true self”. Discovery of one’s trueself is not possible unless you surrendr yourself to your soul.
She is a poet who talks of love, peace, hope, beauty and elevation of self. See these beautiful lines:
” How blind is love.It finds the ecstasy of the rose
And tastes the pain of the thorn, oblivious to its
Expected wounds and bleeding scars “
See the soft, supple, benign expression in her words. She desires fragrance of roses but, at the same time, is prepared to suffer the pain of prick of thorns for the sake of happiness which rose will give to her.
She talks of her faith in her lover but also complains why he doesn’t walk with her. She puts it so beautifully in these lines:
” I have faith in your love, but why each time i realise that I am alone in this journey. Everytime I feel you are near, then your silent whisper I could no longer hear.”
Hela’s thoughts dwell on the mystic reality oneness with the soul . Like mystics of the past, she wants to get closer to Him, peep into her soul and feel the fresh, ecstatic and serene breeze of self fulfillment.
I wish Hela the best on presentation of her thoughts on publication of this book which will open vistas of self discovery to the readers and pave the way of a spiritual journey.
Jagdish Prakash
All Rights Reserved

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