Hollywood / Poem by Olfa Philo


Are you keeping track of
the masquerade?
Where muscles are displayed,
Where actors not talk
But shout to oppose or

Other Top Models intend
their weird clothes
for the camera
to parade

Other bunch of clowns
invoke laughter with
their tragicomic jokes

Other untamed dogs
bark at every
idea conveyed

Some fake heroes pretend
to save the nation
from being betrayed

Some nonchalant actors
are sleeping while crucial votes
are made

Some trouble-makers
are fond of blockades

Other vipers with our human
rights and souls trade

Other greedy want to guarantee their
pension fund for the next decades

Some orators are fond of
vain tirades

Some are exhibiting their poetic
skills decayed

Some have nothing to do
but the different Other

Some fighters, instead of
arguments, exchange grenades

Some are sitting down
during the national anthem
and not at all afraid

Some are absent from the show
and opted for a promenade

Every now and then the
show is suspended to
bring first-aid:
Some cry
Some scream
Some lose their voices
Some lose their minds
some leave the stage

What the hell is this masquerade?
Is this the elite of ‘El bled’/ the country?
After two long ‘decades’ of labour
the Constitution is finally
born and made…

Will this newborn ‘baby’ upgrade
the nation or downgrade?

The show is coming to a close and
all stars will be put in the shade…

Power will soon go back to
the people whose fingers were damned
when electing the actors of this masquerade…


Olfa Philo

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