Poems by Sudha Dixit

Poems by Sudha Dixit


A Perpetual Wait

Congregation of stars
Had adorned the sky
I kept calling you love
But there was no reply

Scattering its shine
The moon smiled wide,
Only for you I’d asked
Heaven be beautified

The moments, one by one
Are slipping away from me
Who knows if we’ll get again
Such night cool and balmy

Having waited so long,
Stars are falling asleep
The darkness with dew drops
Has started to weep

My eyes, too, are moist
Just looking at the way
On which caravans of hope
Are now moving away

I think its curtain down
It’s not going to rise,
The shards of broken dreams
Are irritating my eyes

Let me go inside now
Shut windows and the door
No one is going to come,
No expectation any more.



The leaves have turned
Golden brown
Like the twilight sun
A little drop of sadness inked-
All the day’s fun

Although it heralds the Winter
Autumn has some beauty
In grimness
The riot of colours ephemeral, is bright
In it’s dimness
Chill, inching closer indicates
That Summer is on the run

The soft and verdant leaves
Now falling crisp and fragile
The withering flowers sagging
Do not anymore smile
The orange hued atmosphere
Looks like it’s about to burn

It’s paradox of Nature
It’s melody and resonance
Is often marred by
Jarring unsavoury dissonance
A beauty with a difference
With mood swings mercurial
Nature has many shades
Scanty rain brings rainbows
When sunrays permeate
It seems a pot of gold
Has suddenly overturned

The heat of sweltering Summer
Moves towards the cold
Autumnal warm zephyr
Whispers many tales untold
Where midsummer nights’ romances
Are woven and spun

Love is in the air
Despite fading vibrance
Discordant melody, broken rhythm
The season shows it’s imbalance
Apprehension spoils the joy
Lest icy days return.


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