An Angel With Real Wings / Poem by Santiago Ali

Poem by Santiago Ali


An Angel With Real Wings 

Pain is a whole other civilization
in the underworld of a life
with ruins of past and future a vulnerable skyline
agnostic seasons
of misleading forecasts
befall plagues of every new sun….

A geography of pleasures and agonies
textures of the roughest kind
where it hurts the worst…..

With terrains ever ready to explode
into series of multiple orgasms

Love who dies a virgin becomes an angel….
And her angel was a novice

wounds were like hounding beasts
with a knack for choosing the tenderest of places
sweet and plump lips with mouthfuls of honey….

Her angel was a novice
failing her by a fall from grace
in the deepest depth of her innocence
or she would have risen like an evening star in his sky….

Her eyes impaled on the moon
redolent of blood as the night catches fire….

Her angel was a novice
all trampled and devastated from
every direction
she is the loneliness of a wolf
she is the resolve of a stone
a bird fallen from the sky
she is the spirituality of a fire….

She with her wolf
a stone and a fire
still awaits an angel with real wings….

All Rights Reserved
© Santiago 2018

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