Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
Your goodness..
Dedicated my best Romanian friend Vasile
I confess
the truth is
I write what is in my heart
Dear friend
your goodness brighter each day
you touched my life with your kindness
you are the most unique flower
i appreciate you
God bless you with all his love
I scream
I scream
I scream your name.
Sometimes, I write about you.
I hope one day
you will be mine.
Why is love so strange?
Why is love so crazy?
vibrant and shining, and
glowing like two coal
Where are you?
a hand is squeezing my heart
I am slowly suffocating
where are you?
He is my world.
and just like the world
he is confusing
and I am lost again.
Early morning
The happiness
Fills the air
I fly
Good morning
I cannot…
I cannot breath
without you
my heart need your love
my soul need your love
i miss you so much
he was my world,
my air,
my blood,
my life boat
you left me
what do i do now?

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