Ewa Radomska (Poland)

Ewa Radomska
Ewa Radomska, born on August 28,1948, a graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Wrocław, a publicist, aphorist; she has also published two books of poems and two children’s books. She loves laughter and the Sun, and believes that a tragedy should not be dramatized and a drama should not be the way of living. Instead, you should always start anew…
Poems collected
Like crumbs
From the table
After the bread has been sliced…
To Leaves
A warm wind is like leaves’ lover
It caresses them with its soft touch
It loves it when they tremble with pleasure
And rustle quietly to say thank you
A strong wind is an evil wizard
It declares war against the weak
It blows them off the trees and scatters them randomly
Insensitive to their last breath
They desperately nestle up against the grass
Or float in a puddle
Like ships without a harbour
They turn black looking at the branches
Their old home lost for ever…
To Krysia Z.
You are silent but I know
That the weight on your shoulders
Is a stone covered with moss of pain
And slippery dampness of fear
You couldn’t say “no”
You couldn’t say “yes” either
You resigned yourself to humiliation
To humiliate others afterwards
Face up to the truth
It’s going to blind You
But this flash
Will help you realise the truth
You’ve been running away from
And only then
Your resurrection
May begin…
Memories are like soldiers
Who have been taken prisoner
After all the fights of past life
They are still quartered
In the deepest recesses of the mind
If something was beautiful – there is the pain
Of not having it anymore
If it was bad – there is still the same anger
And the conscience is being re-examined
Why did I do it?
Some make you laugh
Feel light-hearted
And young in spirit; laughter is the best medicine
A never-ending swirl of thoughts
But the dinner won’t prepare itself…
Basically, when you remove
The flesh from a man
Like you remove the cover from a car
It turns out that underneath
There is neither young nor old age
But only a soul asking
How to live to survive
How to love and be loved
And where to find good food for the soul
To lick your lips in admiration
Like after a well-done steak
And vanilla ice-cream with sprinkles
Instead of giving answers, age
Only intensifies and specifies the questions…
White First Communion dresses of the girls
Reaching womanhood
And getting ready for motherhood underneath
How will they cope with male possessiveness
Won’t the innocence of the first love
Be tarnished with cynicism
And vulgarity
Boys are wearing their suits
With the expression of embarrassment on their faces
They are already preparing for war
This is what it takes to be a man
But for now what counts are gifts
Who gets more
Then there is a bragging contest at school
The wealthier against the poorer
The first clash in the name of God
But God should stay out of this
This is Earth not Heaven…
Solitude is born like a twin
She comes out just after you
A silent sister wearing the cap of invisibility
A newborn’s scream is a cry of despair
Since the first breath she knows
There is no one around but her
Even later, entwined in a loving embrace
With a loved one
When love starts to lure you
With a sweet fusion of bodies
She stands there calmly at the head of the bed
Waiting for hot bellies to cool down
Hands to unlace
And lips to regain their own taste
Loving whispers of communion fade away
Each gets up separated from one another
Alone with yourself, and then she reminds you
That this was just a moment of sweet delusion
You are on your own again…
Yesterday is gone with the wind
It is shrouded in gradual oblivion
Today seems indestructible
It will never go down to tomorrow
But the evening gets its hands on it
And ends it serving the black coffee of the night
Sleep falls on you softly
Or turns the wheel of sleeplessness
And then if only it were the dawn
Of diamond-like pure dew
To thirstily drink in
Another day of life…
..When Love Ends
Former lovers are
A punched ticket to love
To a long gone train
Years have dispersed the hot steam
Belching out once of the funnel of passion
And rails which led to ecstasy
Went apart and faded into oblivion…
Funny Thing Called Love…
You are asking me what love is
But how am I to know?
There were many of them, all gone now
But they did love if only
For one night…
It was real love then
Maybe even the most real
As it wanted nothing in return…
And the one for life?
A whole life is love
Otherwise we would not live a day
With anybody and anything
So don’t ask
No one will answer your questions
Even you cannot answer them yourself
Though you know the truth
Better than anyone…
Bad Words
Tangled bad words
Cannot be combed out
With the comb of time
There are more and more purulent
Scabs of hatred
The pain only intensifies
Helplessness reaches the ground
Even the grave will not forgive you…
The Night is Whitening
The night is whitening
With a virgin morning
The Moon slowly disappears
Like a removed stain
The Sun elbows its way
Like a stallholder to the market
With a basket full of rays
A day has got strong legs already
The strongest till the afternoon
Come and get it
It will be too late in the afternoon
Then the Moon will pussyfoot
Peeping out, not sure if it’s a right time
To cover the world with a black cloth of night
And start the mystery of dreaming…

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