Oludayo Folasade (Nigeria)

Oludayo Folasade
Oludayo Folasade is a Nigerian feminist, Women & Girl child advocate. She is currently an
Instructor, Graduate Teaching Assistant and a graduate student in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Oregon State University USA. Her research interests cut across transnational feminist perspectives on interpersonal violence, gender equity and social justice for women and most especially Girl child in Africa. Folasade holds a B.Ed. and M.Ed. in Counselling from University of Ibadan and University of Lagos, Nigeria. She has spent the past eight years as a certified Counsellor and School Administrator with a working experiences in credible educational institutions. Folasade has held several leadership position and acts as a facilitator for incorporating and encouraging intellectual and social development in students, pupils, youth and adults. She is a valued speaker, writer and resourceful educator who has a proven ability to enhance individuals’ performance to shape a better world.
1. A Poem on the tale of the genocide that took place in South West (Osun State) area of Nigeria on 2nd of March, 2000 and lasted for over six months with a total death toll at 650 villagers.
Oh Ife and Modakeke: Beauty and it Beast
I woke up in the morning with echoes of cry and pains
The atmosphere tensed with beast
Beast as human
With no feelings
The beauty of Modakeke and Ife was gone
Wondering how the beast had taken over our ancestral land
So much hatred amidst two communities
Oh Ife and Modakeke
The beauty and it beast
Known brothers became enemies over land dispute
The love that binds us as one flesh was sent to exile
Husbands murdered wives and children
Brutalized bodies and defiled bodies littered our sacred land
The land of our ancestral defiled
Innocent blood spilled
Oh Ife and Modakeke
The beauty and it beast
The beauty became ashes
Buildings abandoned for forest
Playing grounds apparently devoid of life
Our homes was gone
The beast was gone
The ravages of time still lingers
My heart aches
My eyes filled with tears
Oh Ife and Modakeke
Persecuted, buffeted, yet will I stand
Have had trials, life choked, yet I stand
I walked in valley, death hanged over me, I stand.
Judged in your culture, fairness misunderstood
Kicked, shoved, empathy never known
Wondering, humanity has different scales
Suicide beckons, I caved in but epiphany overwhelms
Thank God life returns, I found strength within
Now, I take back what is taken
I fight the battle fought
I charge forward, in stride I am getting
Battle hard fought, light in horizon, struggle continues
My choice, Not Yours!
He demands for it like he deserved it
I said no!
I own my body!
The abuse was an experience
My sacred temple violated
My choice, Not yours!
The resistance was my voice
A voice that needs to be heard and not taken
I’m never going to give up
His ego bruised
I will resist and rise again
My choice, Not yours!
The choice is mine
The choice to echo my voice for change
The choice to fight for liberation
The choice to decide my preferences
The choice to take ownership of me
My choice, Not yours!

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