Poems by Irannii Saikia

Poems by Irannii Saikia


He, In A Inquisitive Mind’s Of The Crane 

Once a moment of his mind
Need to inquest a few
Then little more food 
he taken as crane !
While he felt hungry and thirsty.
What narrow he had been
seen in her nature and sin ?
Difficult to understand
Why he became to walk with covey
While he desired to take water in his way !
It’s look like very simple
As a question and answer
But anyone inquest to see
that nack and tiny beak
Though he started to taste
those insect as an insensible life’s
When he found !
A marvellous fish like that crane
he taken.
And crafted insight of his organs
As their long beaks and legs.
But looking after colourful fishes
In a wave of rivers and seas,
He forgot to test that cranial taste
How much talented it would be !
He started to follow
A space on the way of hollow
Behind a holly-hock.
Between point and homocentric
into a heart,
What measure he was found ?
That under the hoisted flag of sunrise
Beyond sunset,
He began to take his bath
As a crane to remain fixed in unknown path.

All right reserved@Irannii Saikia
( 10-11-2018 )@Irannii Rani Saikia


 Imaginative Destiny 

On the top
of a hillock,
‘ A Pagoda ‘
I have seen.
Human beings we are
in there
Inquesitors faces that
Lots of glances
And intellect minded
bravery are more.
Judas of dowdy too
Not so poor.
But aloft another
Poors are alive
in the hermit of hermitages
Humane nature said
in that moment
So you heared again.
In the paradise carpet
Magnificent homes are
Sparkling as stars
of the sky.
For better and best
By dote
You have seen
A path in there.
Created mind
in own,
Review again
To make a greenway
Signal free for us.
Indeed a glory so
Mind became
Like ABC.
And soul of echo
To inquire the Lord
By own
Core in heart that
You found.
Those mysterious
Just to catch up the elegancy
By dotage heart.
Come out from
marvellous heaven of homes,
You must have
Keen eye to find out
Greenery of truth that way
You can say.
Through Imaginative words
of mine
Wants to touch in dreams
That paddy planter
while I have seen.
It was outburst
Like a pale of post.
For a moment of flash
Destiny can catch
A hand just
like ‘ A Pagoda ‘
And another one
as an encient followers
Playing with waves
Like a river.
Lightning the tip
By deepak ( light ) of humanist.
In the field of golden paddy
For gloss and glory.

Copyright: Irannii Saikia
Reviewed by Irannii Saikia ( 05-11-2017 )


One thought on “Poems by Irannii Saikia

  1. Amazing and un usual poems.The screenplay these poems are alltogeather different…apeeling….I rarely this type of poems….Great approach of the poet.

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