Poems by Bam Dev Sharma

Poems by Bam Dev Sharma


Singing rhymes of love

Like the vapors in the air
Good wishes rise
From cozy hearts 
And mix with cool air
To become balloons
Of pure light
Surcharging grace
Illuminating human settlements
Where small children play
In the yards
Pointing to the stars
Singing rhymes of love.

Then human faiths
Become gracious fruits
As mellowing as warm kisses
To cleanse all negative qualms
Like rust in memories
Implanting rejuvenated destiny
As a plant of faith.

Then gardens of love and faith
Bloom in joy
For the humanity to reap
For the universal choir
That rise and float
In the atmosphere
Till the humanity
Blooms as a flower.



Words are we
Of the cosmic sentence–
Combined with letters of joy and sorrow, 
And dreams and wish.

We are shapped in a corporeal being
With marks of stress
Clustered in pause and accent
Structured in rhyme and rhythm!

We try to be meaningful:
Unique and different
To be decorated in universal cadence!

But we sometimes finish with fragments
Revolving around the chaos!

In a quest
From words to wordy expressions,
We stand and breathe
And finally turn to
Dimming traces and dots
Floating in the space!



Every fragment life
Is an witness
Of our corporeal entity.

Convulsive tales trawl
Like simmering like clouds
We sprawl our bodies
At the mercy of mercurial fates
And rejoice the songs of carnal desires.

Time’s scrappers and destinies’ whims
May confound journeys
But vigils of zeal usher
With morsels of life’s lesson!

No worry
If we have wounds in our hearts
They are testimonies of life
To teach us: how to rise
Even If we fall !


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