Rosesmoke / Poem by Santiago Ali

Poem by Santiago Ali



Call not truth
the visions of your ocular mirages
desertic eyes fall on its own face
when sinks a sun in her deep blue
meridian sea
flawless and immaculate blooming

Call not truth
if blind to go through and thus celebrate
all her pains of her quenching waters
her salt and sweet saliva of her plump tears

If nonchalant to
her antsy aurora violated violently
when torn apart
her birdie heart from the warmth of
an embrace of a rib cage

Truth has uprooted all my fragrance
from the garden
where once erected my biology
like a colossal of an ego
walking in the silence of a statue

Now all I am is
a nostalgic glimpse of her eyes
the sadest note from a broken string
of her orchestra
A broken anklet of her choreography

And when prayers were called
I was rising from behind her shoulders
when truth was summoned
my forehead was kissing hers

Love fell like a thunderbolt and blessed
me in the smoke of her fragrance

Carrying the dew of her eyes on my palms
I saw her flying my ashes….

All Rights Reserved
©Santiago 2018

2 thoughts on “Rosesmoke / Poem by Santiago Ali

  1. Santiago Ali –

    Images – so many
    Occular mirages – blurred
    Truth ….

    What is it?
    Where is it found?
    Is it out there to be discovered?
    Or, do we bring it to the thing itself?

    You invite internalization of the sacred …bring divine moments into the heart of darkness ….cause us to stop…gasp…shake our heads – ask what just happened here….

    I shall never cease to be amazed at your range and depth and scope that is cyclonic and leaves a landscape ravaged ….

    Nothing is ever the same again after reading your words.

    Linda B. Scanlan

  2. My comment on beautiful poem by Santiago Ali

    I am trying
    to find myself
    in your poem
    but I cannot
    my muse is born
    of simplicity
    and your lines are elaborate
    adorned with intricate adagio
    My eyes admiring your flow
    but still I am lost

    I love all beauty
    that you conceive
    in my heart
    with colours of the ocean
    scent of the skin
    and magic of the strings.

    I am craving
    to squeeze in-between
    your words
    but this space
    is filled by love
    for someone else
    I honour this and bless

    I only imagine
    to be loved so much
    and feel jealous somehow

    From the ashes
    I will raise
    and become one
    of the angels protecting you
    and your sweet beloved
    with the rays of my sacred love

    (c) Margaret Kowalewska

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