Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat

Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat


Smile In My Grave

I am really not upset with anybody
not even with my back stabbed
many times before

my friend stole my heartbeat
And sold my heart to buy a flying
carpet, to amuse himself with you

he used the beats to write above
my wounds of romantic songs
so he ignored my life funeral

I wonder why I am in front of people
who judge me as if they were my God
they were all drunk and I was a sinner

this life is not worth to dream with wings
it is more like living within broken wings
like the dove flies for peace with death

I am not happy to say that I’m doing well,
love was a tale written by the old witches
my son still asked me to smile in my grave.



I will forever be silent and loving you
you are a beautiful angel, and very polite
we never talk about each other’s attentions
I believed that we were the sad stories

you followed me, like as a happy daughter
from one boring class to another interesting class
from one fiction dream to a an old dream to come true from one direction to another without any sweat

I have never asked you about your name or
anything sexy, just because I enjoyed watching you
trying to get me talking with you for a few minutes
too bad, I forgot to mention that I’m only shy when I see you

or maybe my smile is worth to come over and
propose you from your parents who lives in a place
the reason why I make people laugh, is because
I don’t want them to ask me why I go the cemetery without a bought flowers.


Just For You 

Just for your beautiful smile
with the touch of your colours
From the moon and your open
lips to bite the bitter grapes

Just for your charming eyes
I will turn the universe dark
And learn how the rain and snow
observes the death of stars

Just for your fruity cheeks
I will stop drinking alcohol
and enjoy the scent of wine
and champagne off your neck

Just for your understanding
I will cut my flesh into strips
of bacon or sheets for you
to read about the last songs

Just for your harsh desires
I will wear a coffin tonight
and walk barefoot in my tomb,
and pay the gravedigger.

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