Poems by  Lily Swarn 

Poems by  Lily Swarn 


The Last Leaves of Winter

The letter box had a fine film of snow
Almost like the powdering on a damsel’s aquiline nose
The trees had blackened into cinders 
Gradually shedding their inhibitions along with the fiery red leaves
She waited by the window in quiet speculation
Will he turn into her snow packed driveway today
Or drive on ahead as he did everyday
Their glances would meet in hasty urgency
Till he reached the cul de sac and vanished
The desolation ricocheted in the eerie silence
The spindly trees beckoned with an old hag’s arthritic fingers
Winter had just dropped its sheer robe of pristine white
The deer had romanced in the back yard by moonlight
Her wait was endless
There was still a leaf or two.


Try Love One More Time!

Love puts a spring in each step
Doting babies gurgle at lullaby singing mothers
Streams chatter on their way to meet the mighty river 
The Chakor calls out plaintively to its mate
The moon bewitches the stars with its silver finery
Fountains play a merry tune as they gush forth their shimmery waters
The thirsty earth lays bare its soul to the first fragrant showers
Tulips , narcissus , poppies and pines
Dance the dance of drunken euphoria
Birds in the hedge tweet their love to all and sundry
While parrots romance the juicy guavas on the tree
Gravel lets itself be trampled over
For it knows the power of sacrifice
Let love rule the world of all humankind
And watch the perfumed valleys croon their bliss 


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