Review of:  “WAKE UP!” by  AAMIR ABDULLAH / Annette Nasser

 Review of:  “WAKE UP!” by  AAMIR ABDULLAH

We have in our hearts,
Meadows where sorrows grow
Can you listen to our voices
Our screeching voices
Listen to the skies
Resonating like latten
With our bursting screams
The soil is about to explode
If the said, all that is said
Not heard…
See the ash of oblivion
Approaching to gulp
All the slums and
Pleasure domes
We are at the fault line of
Existence and nonexistence,
a little push
Just a little push can throw us
Into the blind abyss

After centuries will dig
The inhumed skulls and skeletons
Museums will be the 
Ultimate rest place for our souls

We have in our hearts
Meadows where
Sorrows grow
Sorrows want to be
Wake up from your sleep
Before the violent knocks
Break the doors of your dome!
Sometimes, I think, we are beyond saving our planet from environmental destruction and contamination and the horrific acts upon earth from polluted waste, to careless acts of atrocities, poverty, greed, bad practices and even war. We can’t turn a blind eye or else, we will become extinct and our surroundings here on earth, will be completely destroyed.

The world has been breaking down, right before our eyes, with careless acts of human destruction, poverty, contamination of impurities, greed, power, money and war, yanking humankind into a cavity of anguish, despondency, with hopelessness and desperation.

Aamir Abdullah’s poem is sending a message that if we don’t make amends with Earth and the devastating acts upon it, humankind and our environment, will become nonexistent. He ascertains with certainty, that each of us, must become a leader and work together with all other people who have a voice, to stand up against others who want to destroy the world. If we don’t take responsibility for the world we live in, and be mindful for each other and our environment, we will not see change, rather, destruction before our eyes. We need to make a difference by making good choices and lead by example, at least for the children of this world. If we don’t teach children of the future, how to treat Earth with care and love, things will never change and changes will never happen. Children learn from those that surround them, we must be the inspiration to help make them be a part of earth’s rescue. Children’s minds are innocent and if we, as adults, with more determination and conviction, can come up with solutions to eradicate devastation, we can stop the injustices of others. His poem has a great message, with concrete, affirmative actions and the responsibilities of good people who want to make a change, and, who have a voice to stand up against others who want to destroy earth, can still, make a living, breathing, better, more beautiful world, before it’s too late.

In conclusion, Aamir’s voice, his wise, affirmative words of wisdom, is a great awakening and awareness poem and a lesson to us all.

 Annette Nasser

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