TICKLE … CRACK UP , 20 OCTOBER / Poem by Elizabeth Ongpaucoy

Poem by Elizabeth Ongpaucoy




I dare say, I exceed the speed limit when I experience happiness
But, must not get fined and penalized by spicy sadness 
From day one I smell the ambrosia
The malodor of the air of the world
Why surely! I carry the luggage of the whys and hows of life
And , schelp the backpack of minuses and plusses

So gaga ! I have worn all the different colours of life’s burden
And, walked on the blue and white ramp of life’s entertainment
A period of time to convey with ease
O , all my salt and pepper state of affairs
What spiced and changed my sulky moods?
O , stop the grump , welcome my Love! Make an impressive, unforgettable hole, Humour !

It commands ! It declares ! It kicks! It whispers !
Pinch my soul, but sure not to lose my marbles
Life and my Love are gifts I must hold and treasure
I accept some silliness of life, Indeed
And, embrace some enthusiastic, childish craziness, yes, away with the fairies
Oops, I carry the Hot Insanity Tickles free card , yes the HIT

I share muffled, gentle laughter
I ran to you with my wholehearted embrace
I greet you with my cheerful and grateful Smile
My friends , Let’s crack up
Most of all , Thank You to you dear Liviu and to you all

Elizabeth Ongpauco 
All Rights Reserved 
© UK 20. 10.18

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