I am here / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan


I am here
You are there

Why that’s silly ….Silly
you are here with me
of course

Every day every hour every minute
every breath every heart beat
synchronized with yours
it’s the melody
keeping my soul grounded to this drifting land

You and I
will always be entangled
bound ….

You said something like that to me
once a long time ago
misunderstanding not yet awakened
to a more fully flourished status …

Soon to discover
layers upon layers of meaning in those words
unexplainable by even quantum mechanical ideas and concepts
those brilliant minds
grasping to find meaning from chaos….

We are born of the same elements
hydrogen and oxygen forming
“billion year old carbon”
and tears
salt enough to fill arid places
creating oceans of waves
tsunamis of sadness
aware now
how one grain of sand
shifts imperceptibly
how the sea laments its loss….

You say
the beach is sand
pick another grain
the ocean retreats
low tide low energy
tis for this one
this one only I have come
there is no other
I will be patient
brother wind will return it to me
I merely wait …..


It is turtles all the way down
this is nothing but
a phantasm
our monkey minds create
because the truth would not set us free
it would paralyze us
into stiff muscles and hearts of stone
frighten us to know the power
we possess to transform agony into glory…..

To appease our imaginations
our timid selves
settle for shadows
music set to low volume
we barely hear the harmony
become fearful of the light……

I am here
I shall remain here
where else would I be my dear
you shall not forget me
can you forget your arm?


©Linda B. Scanlan, 2018

Photo: Special Delivery 
from another place


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