Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar
Words of soliloquy stumbles upon musky brim of adoration attuned to shy of silence,
as evening slowly steps onto thresh hold of opacity of vision from time immemorial!
nuance of melody seems to hurtle home of own ancient land of untrodden journey by perfection.
sunset laments in core of cosmos to reminisce raves of yester years,
who am I to carve the art of paints of bygone history unflagging to utter silence of era?
as enigma in its wing of mystery hides tales of posterity to sign in.
clarity of eyes blinds to see portrait of distant horizon!
abacus reads from zero and nine Inbetween,
I am just Inbetween proximity of thin wall of light and darkness to stretch out beyond.
still I crave to coo on mellow soft of shadow of dream dipped in scarlet hue to redefine empathy of blue crooned to sky,
as I walk over cambrian rockd to feel tonight’s sweet dream guarded by knight of audacity ramping over assonance onshore.
@dr.subhendu kar.
Onto sigh of sunset twilight laments lapsing arc of luminosity to adumbrate scar of wounds,
night yet awaits for full moon to uplift from labyrinth of lurid darkness of chasm.
yet blue of cosmos braces up airiness to bough into breath of bournie
like zephyr’s breeze molly idles the lake to glide into shimmering ripples.
empathy graspes light of love to grow into luminescent glow,
like flux of bud flaring into awe of blossom to simulate vale of ecstasy,
brims of heart blooms to brighten eyes to mellow vision of bounty joy.
green in leaf flares to flow embracing gentle breeze
as tide rhymes to rise by resonance of reflection onto dregs of wine by the delirium
to be or not to be into plexus of pluming plethora of proximity is just a prologue.
rainbow happens to happen by the reason to reason out from exuberance of colors of spectra.
serenity is the only goal of quest yet unknown to bail out journey onshore by the torque of time yet of no reason of being solaced
as brevity of crescent moon bequeathing to billow into whitest luminescence.
@df.subhendu kar

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