Poems by Smruti Ranjan MOHANTY

Poems by Smruti Ranjan MOHANTY



a woman i am
a daughter, a sister, a friend
a wife and beloved
in all my roles
i complement and fulfil the men in my life
i make them full and complete
on my love and sacrifice, they stand
on my feet, they walk the thorny path of life
but look at the world through a pair of jaundiced eyes

without me, they are just aimless ships
sailing in the boisterous sea
i am the able navigator who brings them safely ashore, but they forget it the moment they come back to their comfort zone

i am the life in them
that carries them forward to their destination
it is the woman behind every man
her unconditional love and motivation
that precisely define a man, his success and failure, but never his attitudes and behaviours and the way they look at woman

i have been with you like your shadow
living and enduring your moments of joy and despair, happiness and sorrow
never thinking for a moment
i have a life of my own.

am i wrong?
if i ask for a bit of your love
affection, reciprocation and concern?
is it not your duty to respect me, my dignity
to fulfil my wishes and priority
to be with me as and when i need
and give me enough breathing space
to live life as i wish?
i relish and withstand your occasional love, its outburst, but to be my man you are to find the woman in you and change the way you look at me and the world around.



(Long since the man is dead)

when the inner being never dances in joy
for love, heart ceases to cry
eyes hardly see good in other
to the sad panorama of human woes
one turns a deaf ear
mind and instincts act on their own
conscience relegated to the back door
slowly and silently dies the man inside
life loses its direction
and living becomes a profession

the eyes and ears are wide open
but they are insensitive to one’s own
what to talk of a vast multitude of humanity, birds and animals, trees and creepers
life becomes an endless struggle
to go up to that barren land
where with one there is none
life loses its meaning and beauty
one lives in a cocoon
a pseudo-life in a pseudo world
where nothing else but pelf
power and recognition matter

the sweetness of human bonding
the fragrance of flowers, the freshness of morning sun lose their identity
the sun sets, moon dazzles overhead
stars twinkle, the river flows, clouds dance in the azure sky, mountains speak, nature unfolds its mystery
but here nothing matters
long since the man is dead
dead are his emotions and feelings
to fathom and perceive life
its spellbinding grandeur
and immense possibilities
that in each step come his way

by the time he looks at himself
and works out the arithmetic of life
it is too late
his accomplishments are many
for anyone to see and visualise
but what he has lost
he only knows
silently broods over the past
murmurs in a corner
when nothing under control
it pinches and pinches hard
when time reduces him to a golden zero
a helpless spectator having no taker.



Is the language of love
For it speaks a lot
Which a palpitating heart
Can never fathom
Rapid breaths
Can never feel
And drooping eyes
Can ever find

Love matures
Over the years
When one loses
In the other
The body never
Craves for another
And the heart
Meets the heart
Eyes look at
Each other

Love and lust
Are stepsisters
Can ever co-exist
For they run
Parallel to each other

Love unfolds
In silence
When two beings
Become one
And work in tandem
Have a single pair of eyes
to look at the world
A beautiful heart
Which beats and beats
For the sake of love and love.

copy right@smruti ranjan 


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